Who We Are

Anna Finch and Brien Teasley are the founders and principles of REAL DFM, a New Orleans based boutique design, development and manufacturing firm with a global reach.

Anna and Brien met in downtown Los Angeles, California while working on separate ventures. Real DFM is what happens when two people who inspire one another and are driven by a shared passion to make a difference, fall in love and decide to build a life, a career and a dream together. Our name came from a desire to demystify the behind the scenes of design and development. We don’t hide details, we don’t retain IP, we are transparent – we are Real.

Anna headshot

Anna Finch

Anna is from Bath, England and arrived in New Orleans via Edinburgh, Beijing, China and Los Angeles. Holding a Masters in Chinese language, history and culture, and an EMBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, she speaks fluent Chinese and is the logistics, client and factory guru. With an eclectic background in international business, sales and project management, Anna handles the day to day management of all of Real DFM’s projects, making sure that deadlines are being hit and that our clients’ goals are being met.

Brein headshot

Brien Teasley

Brien is from St. Louis, Missouri and has spent the last 15 years working within the field of industrial design, development, having worked with companies including Belkin, The North Face and Incase Design. Whenever the need arose for someone to get on a plane to go and figure out a design with the factories, Brien was the first to jump in, and now with over 50 trips to international and domestic factories under his belt he holds an incredible knowledge about the manufacturing processes, materials and how to streamline the design and development process. He’s the head designer and developer at Real DFM.

Michael Ceraso

Native to New Orleans, Michael honed his ability to translate customer needs into technical solutions as a salesman for Tesla in New York. Upon returning, he joined the University of New Orleans where he made a name for himself as a top roboticist in IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competitions. From there, he went on to design custom circuit boards and firmware for the US Department of Agriculture and now advises on all things electronic through his company Ceraso Industries. For Real DFM, Michael handles all aspects of circuit board design, electronics supply chain management, assembly, testing, and firmware development.

Jack headshot in black and white

Jack Tsang

Jack Tsang is our Dongguan based Engineer, Prototyper and Factory Liaison. He leads our team of expert mold engineers, CNC operators, sourcing managers and the rest to deliver the best prices and craftmanship to our clients. Jack has years of experience as both a factory owner and project manager and is driven by the aspiration of revolutionizing the process of manufacturing in Asia. He ensures that each part of a product or project is separated out and handled by the appropriate facility; a method that both protects IP while also guaranteeing impeccable, focused quality control.