REAL DFM is a boutique design, development and manufacturing firm headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana with a prototyping studio in Dongguan, China and a satellite office in Bath, UK.

Designed From Manufacturing
phrase of manufacture


  1. Our take on design for manufacturing or DFM, the phrase traditionally used to reference the engineering practice of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture.
  2. Meaning that designs offered from our studio are created from the cumulative years of learning and practical experience in manufacturing processes shared between the team at Real DFM.

We make things for clients worldwide, specifically consumer goods that make life a bit better and more real.

We create ground-up, completely new products, offering services from market research and conceptual design to engineering, development and manufacturing, while we also welcome clients that are already several steps in and perhaps need our help improving a product or streamlining the move into mass production.

Software integration into beautiful hardware design? We’re here for you.

A brand new product that’s never existed before? Sign us up.

You have an idea for a product that will revolutionize the way we all handle day to day tasks? Let’s talk.

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